To All Valued KO BROWS Customers

A Very Big Thank You And See You Again Soon!

오늘 스노우 필링 받았는데 정말 피부톤이 엄청 밝아졌어요!! 피부화장을 안해도 립스틱만 바르면 화장한것 처럼 보여용!!! 저 처럼 피부에 색소 침착이 있어서 피부톤이 일정하지 않으신 분들께 추천드려요.

Ms. 임채윤

Thank you for making my eyebrows semi-permanent makeup very well. I was very satisfied with my eyebrows even if I received my first semi-permanent makeup treatment!

The GeumPin Specialist is very professional. she has given me a very thorough treatment. Also, She drew the eyebrows with a design that goes well with my face.

Ms Sehee Ahn

“The consultant was very good and very professional. Would definitely recommend this place strongly.”

Ms Serene Wong

“Very attentive and patient service. Eyebrow Embroidery was relatively painless. Eyebrow design was very precise. Procedures were explained very thoroughly. Very pleasant experience and satisfied with new brows. Thumbs up.”

Ms Wan Teng

“Pleasant experience. My stylist was friendly, accommodating and reassuring. Would recommend this place.”

Ms Gina Ang

“A new experience but and with a different effect and doesn’t seem like I need to make up now.”

Ms Fiona Chen

“Cosy and comfortable environment, no unnecessary disruption. Specialist is very patient and careful in her work.”

Ms Ai Ching Tan

“Nice service and comfy lashes”

Ms Wu Yumei

Great Thank you to Xin Pei (pancakepixie), the pretty lady who wrote about us and handed her trust to us for her Eyelash Extensions.
We valued your personal sharing and your trust with KO BROWS for your beauty services!

Blog write up at Source of Review.

Ms Xin Pei

“Pleasant environment. Love the ambience. Korean consultant and staff were very friendly and attentive. The whole eyebrow embroidery process was relatively painless. Staff was very patient and explained the procedure and eyebrow design thoroughly. Overall very satisfied with the new eyebrows and the service. Keep it up.”

Ms Lindy Tan

“All girls’ dream; long thick and natural lashes. And thanks to @kobrowsingapore I got mine!
Really love how amazing the procedure was so effectively done up, with it being comfortable and even no stingy effect at all.”

Thank you Yixin for your review on your Instagram!

Ms Yixin

“Naked face yesterday but there isnt really much need to makeup with my Eyes and Skin being tip top perfect!
It was my virgin eyelash extension experience and wow, i must say i m pretty surprise to not feel anything as often people say that with eyelashes extension it cause discomfort and the dropping of our natural lashes. So far so good! Thank you”.

Thank you pretty Ziyi for reviewing on our Eyelash Extensions!

Ms Ziyi

“Had my lash extensions done at KO BROWS. Very cozy place, friendly staff, patient and detail when explaining the process. Love my eye lashes extensions so much. Thank you.”

Ms Cynthia Lim

“Great service performed by Korean eyebrow therapist! Went for complimentary touch up on my eyebrow embroidery today and she helped to redesign a new brow shape which I like. Very gentle and attentive service right from consultation to end of service! Definitely will recommend my friends here! thanks to Rebecca for help on translating the messages. I will definitely come back here again. Thank you KO Brows Team!!”

Ms Shu Mei

Great Thank you to pretty Vivian for reviewing our Eyelash Extensions!

Blog write up at Source of Review

Ms Vivian Tian

Good service and professional staffs. Love the fact that they provide consultation and eyebrow drawing first before the actual treatment. The whole process makes me feel more assured. Specialist is very professional in her work. I am very satisfied with the results even though its my first time doing eyebrow embroidery. Will definitely visit again!

Ms Sarah Shin

I love my Korean eyebrow therapist, Geum Pin! Excellent service and love the shape she drew for me! Thank you Team!! Will definitely come back again!!

Ms Joyce Su

“Very cozy place and friendly staff, patient and detail when explaining the process. Most important they have best skill set and professional consultation. Love my eye lashes extensions so much. Natural and meet my expectation. Thank you.”

Ms Janet Hong

It’s my first time here. The treatment was good.
Will recommend my fren to come for the eyelashes treatment. Sam was very attentive too.
After all a very good experience for me

Ms Helen

Had my eyebrow touch up done last night. The therapist was very gentle and I love the brows that she designed for me. Thank you KO brows!

Ms Wendy Cher

Amazing service by the team – from recept to consultation to application of my eyelash extension. I am a total noob at beauty and just want a hassle-free “out of bed look”. They put in so much effort and care in explaining to me the different eyelashes I can have according to my preferences. They are so passionate about lashes!!! I also realized I had bushy and untidy brows – so they got their Eyebrow specialist to shape my eyebrows for me! I always have the fear of having my eyebrows shaped by people because I’m afraid I’ll end up with pencil-thin brows!! But no, my fears are unfounded because they are really good at brows shaping too. I have neat and natural brows now! You guys should really go to Ko Brows for all your lash and brows services! Will definitely be coming back again and recommending my friends here!

Ms Ke Ying Genevieve

Been going for lash extensions for many years and hence, am very particular abt extensions. But you guys did a great job and i love how u mix different length and thickness to create a full and natural look.

Ms Joey Ong

The staffs here are really nice & patience! My pain tolerance is really low, but the eyebrow embroidery didnt hurt at all!
Remarkable skills by the therapist too, would definitely come back here again for more treatments!
Results: really natural looking eyebrows!
My face instantly became smaller by abit.

Ms Ivy Veronique Lim

얼마전에 KO Brows에 방문해서 눈썹 반영구 시술을 받았는데 정말 만족스럽습니다!!!!
정말 직원분들 모두 너무너무 친절하시고 또 새로오셨다는 한국인 디자이너분이 제 눈썹도 이쁘게 디자인해주시고 꼼꼼하게 시술해주셔서 감사합니다!!

Ms 안세희

Great & friendly service. Looks great !

Ms Jenny Tan

Had a wonderful experience with KO Brows and I must say, great eyebrow embroidery done by Korean Eyebrow artist Geum Pin! She is extremely careful and committed to giving me the perfect eyebrows and I love the fact that there is always someone around to do translation to let me know every single bit of what Geum Pin is saying and they were very honest with me on what should/should not be done to help me achieve the preferred look.
I will definitely recommend everyone to head down to KO brows for a gorgeous transformation! 

Ms Agnes Low

My skin looks brighter after 1 session of Korean B.B. Covered water shine foundation at KO BROWS. My pigmentation lighten too. Now I look good and fresh without makeup.

Thank you KO BROWS!

Ms Wendy Cher

Great services! The staff are really patient and understanding to your needs~ Had my eyebrows and lips done here. Loved them to bits.

Ms Angelina Yu

Super in love with my new Korean brows from @KObrows.Sg ✨
Will be dropping a new blog review on my entire experience and of course some crazy before/after pics that REALLY GOT ME CONVINCED that eyebrows are a total game-changer, or should I say, “face-changer”?

Blog Write up at Source of Review

Ms Aggylow

Had my first eyelash extensions done here and I love it! Thank you!

Ms Evelyn Yap

The service at KO Brows is great. The team is very attentive and patient in delivering the desired results. Thumbs up!

Ms Xie Yirong

I recently did eyelash extension with KO brows and I am very happy with the result. My lashes looks longer than my usual lashes with mascara yet it doesn’t look like I am wearing falsies. It looks so natural I can wear it for day and for night. I use cotton pad to remove eye shadows and the lashes stay intact. I will definitely recommend my friends to do their lashes here.

Ms Jen Ong

First time trying! Very good service.

Ms Lim Lee Choo

Called for an extremely last minute facial today and they are willing to go extra miles and accomodate me  thumbs up for the great service and friendly staffs who work OT because of my last minute appt  Can’t wait for the embriodery service tomorrow! Will edit the review after that Thanks for the skincare tips!

Add-on review for my Eyebrow Eyeliner and Lip Embriodery! Their specialist, Geum Pin is a pretty and gentle korean lady. She suggested a brow shape similar to my natural brows but more demure. (I have very thick eyebrows but its messy). Process for eyebrow was almost painless! After the brows, she proceed to do my lips. I have extremely dry lips with thick outter skin and the colour couldn’t get into my lips even after two rounds. Geum Pin did at lease 6-7 rounds for me in order for the colour to get in which I salute her for her patience. The last was the eyeliner which I told her to do a makeup look liner for me and it came out perfect!

The Korean lady at the front desk (I didn’t get her name) is really nice too!

Overall great experience at Kobrows and I will be back for BB glow treatment once the embriodery healed!

Ms 陳奕慈

Very satisfied with the service. Consultant is very patient and tried her best to understand my requirements.
Ms 黄宝玲

Loved the eyelash extension! The staff was very professional and patient. She took time to assess my lashes and recommended the lashes extension suitable for me. The end result was full natural lashes which was not overly dramatic. Loved it!
Ms Cindy Poh

I recently did my eyebrow embroidery and I simply love the results. 고마워요 금핀씨!
Special thanks to 효정씨 for her patience and excellent service. I would recommend KO BROWS to those who need to get their dreaded brows “repaired”!
Ms Josephine Fan

All of the specialists were really kind and thoughtful:) she kept asking me if there was anything uncomfortable, just tell me plz!
I did eyelashes extension, 100% satisfied now😊 and especially, the beauty consultant Sally is amazingly kind. I was impressed by their wonderful service! I will definitely visit here again❤️ thanks guys

Ms Lucy Lee

Went for eyebrow embroidery and it was a nice experience. Miss Park design my eyebrow shape and I like it. The process is painless, Miss Park keep asking whether I feel pain to ensure I am fine.

The other staffs are friendly and helpful.

Ms Cal Dai

had my K-Natural Eyebrow Embroidery done at @kobrows.sg. the korean lash artists are totally cute & professional! although they are all koreans, they can converse and understand my needs well in english.

Thank you Ms Maya!

Ms Maya (aka qinlovesmacaronsss)

Just did K-Natural Eyebrow Embroidery with @kobrows.sg last week and I love it so much!!! 😍
There was hardly any scabbing and it wasn’t that painful at all!! Probably 3/10 pain level? My pain threshold is quite low btw. 🤣

Ms Gillianyoong

I got eyelash extension by yuri last week. I was super late coz of F1 road block, but she was so patiently waited for me. Her skills were quite good, I didnt feel any discomfort when she put eyepad on my lower eye and even when she attached eyelash on me. I wanted to get maximum volume, which she did it for me, but its not heavy at all (different from the other shops i did before, was very difficult to find light feeling after eyelash extention here. (so i was surprised after finished).

Ms Hyun Ju Lee

Had my eyebrows embroidered here and I am really satisfied and impressed with the results!!! 😍 Looks absolutely natural even after the embroidery, and the healing process took about 3-4 days for me which is really fast. Wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be at all. Highly recommended!!!

Ms Gillian Yoong

Making an appointment with KO BROW was fuss-free. Despite being a Sat, they tried their best to fit in my booking. I went for the eyebrow embroidery. Ms Yuri a Senior Beautician attended to me. She was highly meticulous and professional ensuring that she designed the best looking brow that I could have. With her detailed analysis (design and redesign again to ensure perfection), she really set my heart at ease. The whole procedure took a little more than 2 hours due to my unleveled eyebrow so Ms Yuri has to spend more time to draw the outline. Long story short, I was very pleased with the result at the end of the session. The whole experience at KO BROW was pleasant as they don’t adopt hard-selling techniques. Will highly recommend to anyone who needs such services.

Ms Grace Chan

Excellent service from all staff. Done eyelash extension and my eyed is taken care by yuri. I feel pretty now. Thank you ko brows!!.

Ms Eva Huay

Yuri was very detailed and also put in a lot of effort to correct previous work that wasn’t the most suitable for me  I’m super happy with the natural results! Will throw out most of my brow make up.

Ms Gwendelyn Tan

Did eye lash extension at KO Brow and it was a pleasant experience. The specialist helped me design the lashes to suit the shape of my eyes and the lashes are soft and comfortable too.

Ms Lareenda QiuWen

Absolute natural looking brows and that is simply why it’s ideal for men and that’s what I like about it.

Thank you Mr Jaze Phua!

Mr Jaze Phua

Did the Korean BB Covered Water Shine Foundation Facial and eyelash extensions and loved the servics! Noticed a difference in skin being brighter and more radiant. Great customer service as well!

Ms Jacintha Wee

I’m a repeated customer of KO BROWS for eye lashes extension. Really satisfied with the service and my beautiful lashes. Will be back again for other services. Definitely will recommend all my friends!!!

Ms Joey Huang

Done my eye embioddery last week. And love the service. Environment is good and Korean specialist is professional. Staff are friendly. Will go back again ❤️

Ms Phoebe Yeoh

Did K-Natural Eyebrow Embroidery last month and had my touch-up today. Thankful for the patient and professional Yuri, who made sure I have pretty eyebrows. Yuri is very skillful and nice. She makes appropriate recommendations for skincare services, and never pushes for us to make decision on the spot. I like how Ko Brows sales direction is more recommendations based and not pushy.

Ms Goh Ming Yian Jessica

Went for the Korean BB covered water shine foundation treatment and i am very satisfied with the result. It has been more than a week since my treatment, my skin is still looking dewy moisturised and flawless smooth. The whole process started with skin analysis to understand my skin type and condition. Then the consultant recommends the appropriate skin treatment before the BB foundation treatment. Rebecca, the consultant, was very patient and professional in explaining the whole treatment procedure. She even recommends what foods to intake to improve my skin collagen level. She was totally awesome. Accordingly to her, this BB treatment will require about 4 sessions to achieve optimal result. With one treatment, I am already so pleased with the result. I cant wait for my next session.

Ms Elphin Ong

Did the Korean BB Covered Watershine Foundation yesterday and I’m absolutely in love with the result! After the entire treatment, my face looked brighter and smoother instantly. I can safely say I woke up with flawless skin now! Love that there’s no downtime for this treatment and I can definitely spend lesser time in the morning to doll up myself. Thank you for the awesome experience! Will definitely return to try other services 😊

Ms Lim Viroonsiri

Did eyebrow embroidery with Ms Yuri, a senior beautician, who was very professional. She understood what I wanted and how I wanted my brows to be and gave me the most natural looking brows! It’s perfectly shaped every day, the intensity is appropriate for my facial features and skin colouring. Overall the service is great and the team is professional.

Ms Raena Aihara

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