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K-Natural Lips Embroidery 입술반영구

This is one lipstick that definitely wont transfer. KO BROWS’ lips embroidery service uses natural imported pigments that are FDA approved and comes in a palette of very flattering My Lips But Better (MLBB) colours for Asian customers. Helps to achieve a healthy natural lip color of your preference without having to put on lipstick!

Full Tint Lips, Beauty Spot Services Available. What are you waiting for? Try our K-Natural Lips Embroidery Today!

K-Natural Lips Embroidery are suitable for people:

  • Those who loves outdoor sports, swimming and travelling
  • Anyone who cannot even spare one second in the morning.
  • Career women/men who need to tend to many things in the morning due to early working office hour.
  • Anyone who is busy and no time to decorate due to infant care and housework
  • Anyone who considers appearance important and needs to apply make-up at the specialty shops frequently.
  • Anyone who wants to look a three-dimensional face with well-defined features.
  • Person unskilled in make-up so lacking in the beauty of balance or applying old-fashioned make-up.
  • Media Personalities, models, those who are required to look good and presentable in their field of work.

At KO BROWS we are providing comprehensive Korean Semi Permanent Makeup services including lips embroidery. Our Beauty Specialists comes with years of experience in the field and our products carefully selected to suit Asian complexion. We will also be using the latest technology and equipments and will be constantly updating ourselves with the beauty trend.

KO BROWS provides private treatment rooms in which customers will be able to relax and leave it to us to deliver our best services to them.

K-Natural Lips Embroidery comes with 1 free touch up. Free Consultation. Imported ingredients. Korean Consultant and Specialists.

Read up on our reviews by our satisfied customers. Visit our Facebook for more information. Come and experience KO BROWS today!


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Estimated Time

90 minutes

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