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“Best Semi Permanent Makeup ( Eyeliner) – Beauty Insider Choice Award 2019

We get it – drawing eyeliner everyday can be a chore, especially when life doesn’t cooperate and one wing ends up higher than the other. The good news is, you can opt for the semi permanent treatment of K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery, available now at KO BROWS Singapore, which subtly defines your peepers to give the illusion of bigger eyes. The finish is natural, so you don’t need to worry about it looking too dramatic on your no-makeup days.

If you need your eyeliner to stay on all day, try this smudge-proof and waterproof solution to all your eyeliner woes. KO BROWS uses the technique that gives you very natural results, which helps to add subtle definition to your peepers without looking too dramatic.

KO BROWS K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery is able to make the eyes look bigger and refreshed, while maintaining the natural appearance. Pigment is injected into the upper and lower lash lines on the top layer of the skin, making it look likes eyeliner is applied all the time with no worries of smudges.

Eyeliner Embroidery is in the trend right now and is the love of many modern women and Korean celebrities and is spreading to the rest of the world, even to Singapore Judging by the popularity, we will see more and more people opting for eyeliner embroidery as it helps to achieve more refined, refresh eye effect and giving you the image of ‘bigger’ eyes. Say Goodbye to your eyeliner and mascara!

Check out the latest Eyeliner Designs:

Membrane, Natural, Make-up Eyeliner Embroidery

Try our K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery today! Free 1-1 Personalized Consultation. Comes with 1 free touch up. Imported ingredients. Professional Consultants and Specialists.

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Consultation > Anesthesia > Design > Treatment > Absorption > Second Anesthesia > Treatment > Absorption > Complete

Estimated Time

90 minutes

Special Events Promotions 

KO BROWS National Day SG 54th Promotion!

Total Semi-Permanent 3-Combo Makeup Makeover!

💄💋$100 OFF per service!
~Eyebrow and Semi-Permanent Makeup Beauty Services:
Eyebrows. Eyeliner. Hairline. Lips


💄👁10% OFF
~Eyelash Extension & Eyelash Perm.


💆‍♀️🥰$699~Beauty Combo Deal:
~K-Natural Makeup Eyebrows & K-Glow Skincare!


💄💋$99 1st Trial Price! (For 1st time customers)
~K-Natural Fantasy Eyelash Extensions




Terms and conditions apply:

Promotions are valid till 31st August 2019.
*K-Glow Light Therapy (Eyebrows Combo Special) to be fully utilized by 15th September 2019 except public holiday and eve of public holiday.
*$100 Off Promotion is applicable to per service* per individual and to be fully utilized by 31st August 2019 except public holiday and eve of public holiday. Non-Sharing of Services and Non-refundable for this promotion.
*Semi-Permanent Makeup Service Touch-up* is valid for 3-months from date of purchase Except Hairline.
*1st Trial Eyelash Extension price are only valid for 1st time new customer.
* All Skincare Services are strictly by Appointment booking only.


Special Limited Time Promotion!

Total Semi Permanent 3-Combo Makeup Makeover!

Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lips Embroidery!

Combo Special @ $1300!

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