“Best Semi Permanent Makeup ( Eyeliner) – Beauty Insider Choice Award 2019

Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyeliner 반영구아이라인

K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery

Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyeliner is in the trend right now and is the love of many modern women, International and Korean Celebrities across the world!

KO BROWS K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery adopt the technique to enhance your eyeliner by making your eyes looks bigger and refreshed. The natural color pigment is inserted onto the top layer of eye lash line, maintaining the most natural appearance without worries of smudges. The finishes are natural without looking dramatic on your non-makeup days.

KO BROWS Natural Eyeliner design includes Natural Lash Line and Make-up Eyeliner Embroidery to suit your preference.

Would you like to achieve a more refined, refresh eye effect? Try our K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery today!

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Estimated Time

120 minutes

*Treatment might exceed the estimated time depending on individual treatment preferences

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