K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery 아이라인반영구

Eyeliner Embroidery helps to achieve more refined, refresh eye effect and giving you the image of ‘bigger’ eyes. Say Goodbye to your eyeliner and mascara!

Check out the latest Eyeliner Designs:

Membrane, Natural, Make-up And Natural Under Eyeliner Embroidery

Try our K-Natural Eyeliner Embroidery today! Free Consultation. Comes with 1 free touch up. Imported ingredients. Korean Consultant and Specialists.

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KO BROWS adopts the hair strokes and makeup techniques to create natural style for your eyebrows. The advantages of 3D techniques fill in eyebrows that are empty or sparsely, three-dimensionally expressed just like real eyebrows as it is drawn strand by strand as lines along the shape of eyebrows. To further enhance more natural and defined brows, 6D techniques creates more natural lighter strokes.

We have various types of eyebrow embroidery like Natural Embo, Gradation Suji, Makeup Machine and 6D combo for various styles!

Visit KO BROWS today for our K-Natural Eyebrow Embroidery! Comes with 1 free touch up. Free Consultation. Imported ingredients. Korean Consultant and Specialists.


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Estimated Time

90 minutes

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