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K-Natural Eyelash Extensions 속눈썹 연장

KO BROWS uses soft Velvet lashes and attach them to your own lashes individually, to create beautiful, light and natural looking lashes. Choice of lashes ranges from different length, thickness and curl type to suit your needs. We offers customization of styles to suit each customer’s preference as well.

The touch up session is to fix the loose strand, it is encouraged within 2 weeks from the first full session. With the touch up, the lash extension can last up to 1 month.

Our Korean customers would prefer Single eyelash extensions while local customers would prefer a more “dramatic” effect. Whichever effect you are looking for, our experienced Specialists would be able to help you achieve the desired effect!

We provide eyelash extensions touch up, lash removal and eyelash perm services.

Try our K-Natural Fantasy Eyelash Extensions today! Comes with high quality lashes, Lashes Spa, Collagen Eye Treatment and Return lash removal! Imported ingredients. Korean Consultant and Specialists.

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Lash by lash extensions.

Estimated Time

100 minutes

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