K-Natural Aladdin Peel

네추럴 알라딘 필링

Are you having problems with uneven, problematic skin with serious inflammation? Fret not, KO BROWS K-Natural Aladdin Peel is a popular Korean treatment that uses natural peeling to treat uneven, problematic skin with serious inflammation.

The secret lies with using natural ingredients that penetrates through pores of 100-micron size microspheres to promote new keratinocytes and regeneration to help rectify the situation.

K-Natural Aladdin Peel is known to improve pores, blackheads, acne, dullness and fine wrinkles, resulting in a cleaner and more resilient skin. Many of our customers are pleased with the results!

Besides the convention treatment processes, at KO BROWS, our K-Natural Aladdin Peel will further include a LED Calming Light therapy to help eliminate bacteria!

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At KO BROWS we are providing comprehensive Korean Semi Permanent Makeup services And Skincare Services. Our Beauty Specialists comes with years of experience in the field and our products carefully selected to suit Asian complexion. We will also be using the latest technology and equipments and will be constantly updating ourselves with the beauty trend.

KO BROWS provides personalized consultation and skin analysis as well as having comfortable private treatment rooms in which customers will be able to relax and leave it to us to deliver our best services to them. We pride ourselves in providing quality services to our customers.

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Estimated Time

90 minutes

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