K-Cherry Blossom Skin Rejuvenation 체리 블라썸 스킨테라피

KO BROWS K-Cherry Blossom Skin Rejuvenation is an aroma stress-relaxation session, along with Cherry Blossom Aroma Light scent presented during the therapy, making individuals feeling with a relaxed and recharged mind. This aromatic skin therapy combines with mild peeling, cherry blossom ampoule, cherry blossom aroma oil facial massage and cherry blossom soft mask to improve your skin tone, wrinkle improvement, skin hydration and skin regeneration, leaving you with a wonderful radiant and whitening effect!

K-Cherry Blossom Skin Rejuvenation includes Skincare Consultation & Analysis, Cleanses, Deep Cleanse, Hot Towel Relaxation Therapy, Toner Therapy, Aromatic oil facial massage, Cherry Blossom Ampoule, Cherry Blossom therapy, Soft Face Mask and Regeneration and sun cream.

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Estimated Time

Up to 120 minutes

*Treatment might exceed the estimated time depends on individual treatment preference.

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