Korean BB Covered Water Shine Foundation

비비커버 브라이트닝 파운데이션 테라피

No Pain, No Redness,No Downtime,and Immediate Result!

KO BROWS BB foundation involves the use of the latest nano technology to infuse serum foundation onto your skin to make it brighter and more radiant .This painless skincare process helps to achieve a healthy-looking and glowing skin with no downtime .You can show off your radiant and smoother complexion right after your skincare service.

This Amazing skincare procedure helps to prevent skin pigmentation from external, aging, and irregular dark spot improvement ! Approved 100%KFDA skin color ampoule directly imported from Korea. About 3 ~ 5 sessions of BB Foundation is recommended for optimal results.

Providing quality and comprehensive skincare service extensively from Skincare Consultation and Analysis, Cleanses, Exfoliation, Hot Towel Relaxation Therapy, Toner Therapy, Infusion of BB Foundation Serum, Customization of Face Mask with Complimentary Light Therapy and Regeneration cream, sun cream.

Book a skincare service appointment with us and try KO BROWS Signature Korean BB Covered Watershine Foundation! *1st Trial price available for new clients! Contact us today to know more!

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KO BROWS-Korean BB Covered Water Shine Foundation



Estimated Time

Up to 120 minutes

*Treatment might exceed the estimated time depends on individual treatment preference.

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